Make time to watch the latest “talk like a viking” podcast this weekend! Joe Chevalier welcomed Scott Schnitzspahn, USAT Triathlon High Performance General Manager, and Christi-Marie Butler, USAT Triathlon […]

Athlete Spotlight: Ryan Smith

Our Athlete Spotlight today is on RYAN SMITH. If you haven’t had a chance to meet Ryan and his beautiful wife Devon, you need to make arrangements because they are […]

Athlete Spotlight: Clay Condon

Our spotlight today is on Clay Condon, one of our Viking brothers who loves conquering our hometown IMTX course!NAME: Clay Condon (although USA Tri knows me as John)WHEN DID YOU […]

Athlete Spotlight: Jeff Cottrell

Today’s spotlight is on our board member and truly great person, friend and athlete: Jeff Cottrell. WHEN DID YOU JOIN VALHALLA + VALKYRIE RACE TEAM?2019, though I wanted to join […]

Athlete Spotlight: Joe Chevelier

Today we shine a spotlight on JOE CHEVALIER, one of your Valhalla Team Board members. Joe is an outstanding athlete and a great role model. We will get to see […]

Athlete Spotlight: Gemma Hollis

Today’s spotlight is our own magnificent land mermaid GEMMA HOLLIS! Swim coach, V+V board member, always-smiling, biggest supporter and most positive person you will ever meet! WHEN DID YOU JOIN […]

Athlete Spotlight: Diego N Marquez

Today the spotlight turns to the amazing Diego N Marquez! He’s not only a teammate, but a swim coach to many of us and he is one of the nicest, […]

Volunteer Opportunities at IRONMAN TEXAS 2024

We have Valhalla and Valkyrie teammates who are responsible for handling volunteer shifts at IRONMAN TEXAS 2024 on Saturday, April 27th. Sign up now for one of these fun shifts […]