About us

“The Halls of Valhalla were reserved for only the noblest of warriors slain in battle and chosen by the Valkyrie. The heroine Valkyrie defended those in need and stood for fairness choosing those who would feast with Oden.”

About Us.

We burst onto the race scene in 2015 and since then have taken the triathlon world by storm. With over 150 athletes, we are consistently ranked as the top USA Triathlon and Ironman team in America for our performance within our size category. 

Our ranks are composed of triathletes, duathletes, runners, and cyclists. If you want to surround yourself with others that have a ton of fun, are super supportive and encouraging, and go all-in on the battlefield, we are your team!

What We Stand For

We stand for integrity and team spirit in an all-inclusive environment. Whether we are at a team organized workout, gathered around the tent at a supported event, or doing our own thing remotely, we are there for each other and want to help our teammates succeed while they have fun doing it. We are a family oriented organization that encourages and provides an environment welcoming for spouses and children at all of our team events whether that be race day, team socials or informal

How We’re Different

We are not a training or coaching specific team. We encourage everyone to follow their own individual path and decide what actions are best for them. We are simply a bunch of like-minded athletes gathering under one flag to push ourselves to our limits and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it.