Frequently Asked Questions.

What requirements are there to be on the Team?

None, we don’t have a qualification to join this amazing team. While we do attract many of the areas higher performing athletes, this is certainly not a requirement. The desire to be part of a fun, energetic team of athletes is the only requirement.

Do you offer Coaching?

No. Valhalla and Valkyrie Racing was formed in part due to the lack of teams that require a coaching component. We are a social team only. While we do have many coaches on our team, it is not a requirement.

Do you have regularly organized swim/bike/run sessions?

We are fortunate to be located in the heart of the SE Texas endurance community and leverage and sometimes initiate regular community activities. There are many groups that manage these activities in the area and we can certainly point you to right resources to get involved with these. Our private FB page is another source to find your tribe to swim bike and run with, based on abilities, distance, etc.

Are children and families welcome at events and races?

Yes, we encourage and welcome each members support system to join us in the festivities and always welcome your crew to our team socials and race day tent. It helps if they wear Viking gear