12-Month Annual Membership

Our annual membership opens in December and runs through the following December. We have a mid-season signup period at a reduced rate.

Our new joiner fee is $100 in the December period and includes our Welcome Package. Annual Renewals are $65.

Mid-Season joining is $65 with a Welcome Package to include a water bottle, swim cap and sticker pack, we will also have the team store open to purchase items as well as our CupCke Apparel kit store. Non-renewable.

Welcome Package

All new members and renewals who select to receive a Welcome Package will receive them within about 8-weeks of joining or renewing

The Welcome Package Includes a water bottle, swim cap and sticker packThis may change year to year.

Welcome Packages should be delivered by, or before, March of the joining year.

Access to Member-Only Sponsor Deals

Once you have officially joined our team ranks we will grant you access to member-only support discounts and deals.

Race Support & Camaraderie

Valhalla & Valkyrie Racing Teams flood the field of a number of events throughout the year. The current list can be found on our Events Page. Our massive showing allows our members to gather at our tent, enjoy food/drinks with other teammates, and promotes a positive and uplifting environment before and after each event.

Expert Advice

Valhalla & Valkyrie Racing Teams have athletes from all walks of life that are excited to share stories and adventures with their teammates. Learn from their experiences and pick their brains, on both social media and in person at events.

Access to Team Race Kits

Once you have officially joined the our ranks you may order and wear out team designed kits. While we do not force anyone to order and wear the kit we highly recommend it to fully take advantage of the membership and experience youโ€™re paying for..

We DO NOT carry inventory on team kits. This means that during the 2-week ordering period in Dec (15-31) and late May (15-31) for our 2 different annual kits, you must order if you wish to have a kit for the year.