Volunteer Opportunities at IRONMAN TEXAS 2024

We have Valhalla and Valkyrie teammates who are responsible for handling volunteer shifts at IRONMAN TEXAS 2024 on Saturday, April 27th. Sign up now for one of these fun shifts and support your teammates and IRONMAN athletes!

Chris Baty

I am the captain for Run Aid Station #2- we are hurting for volunteers – especially the 6pm to 10:45 shift


Lacin Coetzee

I am the captain for Bike Handler shift #1
Shift 1: 10:30am-2:30pm

ayne Phillips

The fun, late night shift goes from 7pm until the last athlete makes it across the finish line at around midnight. Please join my group at Crowd Control Shift Thank you!

Pam Matherne Meaux

The Woodlands Running Club (I am President) is responsible for run aid station #6 next to the East Shore Clubhouse just as the athletes leave East Shore and enter the waterway. Thank you!!

Gemma Hollis and Diego Marquez are responsible for the swim exit – but those shifts are already full!