Gloria Shrewsbury Athlete Spotlight



TELL US ABOUT YOUR TRIATHLON JOURNEY: Although I had done Ironman Texas in 2014, 16 and 18, they were really just for the social aspect and a way to lose weight. I had a borrowed bike , mountain bike shoes , no watch , no bike computer. I would say that my Triathlon journey really started in 2019. I hired a coach, got the right equipment and decided that I wanted to see if I could actually get better. With each race I saw minor improvements. Whether it was being able to swim without anxiety or being able to take in all of my nutrition without feeling sick, I always tried to look at those small successes as a win. I’ve learned over the years not to focus on time for a race but rather hitting a target range for each event. I honestly believe so much of racing comes down to experience. No race is perfect and we learn so much; the biggest lesson being adaptation. Don’t let little problems turn into big problems. As I get older, I’m thinking about longevity and I see myself more as an endurance athlete and not just a triathlete. I’m enjoying trying new challenges which aren’t necessarily about time, but rather just finishing. Can I do it ? Can my mind push me to keep going when my body wants to quit?

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE RACE? Oh gosh , I have more than one for sure. Lubbock 70.3 2021, Lake Placid , Kona and all of the small local races.

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT IN THIS SPORT?Crossing the finish line of my first full, which was IronMan Texas 2014. That race showed me that I was capable.

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE? Trying to find balance with work , family and training can be tough. I also help care for my elderly mom who lives in Memphis. My training can be very sporadic at times so when I do have a block of uninterrupted time , I tend to hyper focus. This is where having a coach who knows and understands your personal life stresses is incredibly important.


TELL US ABOUT YOUR FAMILY. Mark and I have been married 33 years.

We have 3 kids. Antoinette (27) just got married and lives in Denver , Natalia (23) is getting married next November (yes, I’m broke ) and Andrew(20) is a sophomore at Texas A&M.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROFESSIONAL/PERSONAL LIFE. I own S5 Fuels , a dyed and clear diesel distribution company. We service heavy equipment rental companies, PowerGen companies, and do a lot of government contracts. The majority of my clients are in the DFW area so I travel there and to San Antonio quite frequently. Fun fact , IronMan is a client.

WHAT IS SOMETHING NO ONE WOULD EVER GUESS/KNOW ABOUT YOU?Most people don’t know that I started my fitness journey in 2005 with my first marathon. I was coming off a year of depression after the death of my father and birth of my son. It took me over 5 hours and I could hardly walk for a week. From there I went into adventure races and did the MS 150. Triathlon was last on board after volunteering at IMTX in 2013.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT THIS TEAM? I have enjoyed being around people, especially women who put so much passion into their hobby. I think we all have some similar personality traits and that’s why we do this sport. I’ve also made some amazing and supportive friends being a part of Valhalla.

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE AUTHOR? I don’t really have one favorite author because I really enjoy a lot of different genres. My daughter is an avid book reader, and has introduced me to so many different books.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT? Formal dining is Tris and casual is Sakekawa for sushi.

WHO IS YOUR BIGGEST INSPIRATION? As related to triathlon I would say physically impaired athletes inspire me so much especially when I see them on the course. No excuses, no complaining. They are out there getting it done despite their circumstances. They have found a way to be the best version of themselves.

WHAT EXCITING PLANS DO YOU HAVE FOR THE NEXT YEAR?I’m trying Barkley Fall Classic one more time. Hopefully it’s not raining and I can keep my pants intact. I’m also looking forward to trying an extreme triathlon and possibly getting into the New York Marathon .

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE? I would say that I’m extremely thankful to be healthy enough to do this sport . I started late so aches and pains have always been a part of my training and racing. Racing with gratitude has made the journey so much sweeter.