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Make time to watch the latest “talk like a viking” podcast this weekend! Joe Chevalier welcomed Scott Schnitzspahn, USAT Triathlon High Performance General Manager, and Christi-Marie Butler, USAT Triathlon Foundation Chief Development Officer. During the podcast, they discussed how

Athlete Spotlight: Ryan Smith

Our Athlete Spotlight today is on RYAN SMITH. If you haven’t had a chance to meet Ryan and his beautiful wife Devon, you need to make arrangements because they are lovely. Residing in Louisiana, Ryan is a fierce Viking and

Athlete Spotlight: Clay Condon

Our spotlight today is on Clay Condon, one of our Viking brothers who loves conquering our hometown IMTX course!NAME: Clay Condon (although USA Tri knows me as John)WHEN DID YOU JOIN VALHALLA + VALKYRIE RACE TEAM? The end of 2022

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